The life of a professional water athlete is a life of almost constant travel – to events, competitions, and speaking engagements. In between travel and competitions, you will find Zane training hard, refining his skills, innovating both his skills and the equipment he uses across disciplines. Connecting with people as he travels around the globe is one of Zane’s favorite aspects of his career.

Zane explains it like this, “One of the best ways to really get to know a community and its people is through providing clinics to the people who live there – across all ages.”



Zane has created an Instagram for his clinics AND TRAINING. You can find it @InZaneClinics.  It is designed to be a learning community. It’s a way to connect and use that portal for information. You will be able to see where Zane’s next clinics will be along with having a front-row view of his recent action and reviews from clients. Tag your InZane images and join the community #InZaneClinics.

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Zane spends a great deal of time  giving back to his community by being active in Standup for the CURE events and hosting InZane SUPer Grom clinics around the world. (VIDEO)

These clinics for youth are provided at no charge as a way to both teach surfing, swimming and water skills while engaging youth in beach cleanups and a “no plastic” awareness. 

Zane says it like this, “I love sharing my passion for standup paddling, surfing, foiling, windsurfing and time in the ocean with the individuals in my clinics. No matter what skill level I am working with, it’s great to see that smile, that ‘whoop’ of excitement when someone makes a breakthrough. The camaraderie of a clinic group and the energy of learning in the ocean fuels me.”

Check out Zane’s schedule to see when he might be in your part of the world.

You can contact Zane to join an existing clinic or suggest one for your club or community.

A bit more about Zane

Zane’s focus on his goals has become more refined in recent years. While still holding his reputation of being a true entertainer and all around personality that began as early as age 11 when he first began competing internationally, Zane remains 100% focused on achieving his dreams.

What are some dreams he’s set for himself? One is being known as a waterman and world champ. Starboard team rider has done just that. Zane is the current two-time Ultimate Waterman title holder and has taken the 2019 USA National Championship Titles in both the SUP Surf & Tech Surf Race disciplines. He’s garnered a 2018 record for the Maui to Molokai crossing on a foil.