As an ECO and Aloha Ambassador, Zane has added speaking engagements to his global work. From schools to businesses, to Rotary Clubs and SUP events, audiences come away motivated, inspired, entertained and full of the “Zaniac” spirit.

Each of Zane’s talks is customized for your audience – at the beginning of a project, for team-building, energy or engaging your unique group – let us know by filling out the Book Zane form, below, and we can let the conversation begin.


  • Foil Sup-Surf-Sail Pioneer
  • Lives his life through personal philosophies: Innovate and Inspire, Every Step Matters, Believe and Create (and more detailed in his book).
  • Ultimate Waterman – 2X Winner across 8 disciplines
  • Zane is both a world renowned waterman and ECO Ambassador working for the health of the Ocean. He’s a force of aloha and an inspirational leader who demonstrates audience connection, powerful storytelling and sheer motivation.


  • Gratitude | Goals | Grit
  • Team Building
  • The Power of Innovation and Inspiration
  • Custom topics to meet the goals and vision for your participants


  • Interactive – Q and A
  • Water Adventures
  • Customized Clinics for all abilities across disciplines
  • Youth Clinics (InZane SUPer Grom provided globally according to travel schedule

Zane aka Zaniac

A nickname Zane earned throughout his youth, while launching himself into every sport his older brother and friends enjoyed, was “Zaniac.” Zane likes to explain what Zaniac means to him, “The word ‘maniac’ can mean someone who is obsessively enthusiastic. Zaniac may have originated from the way I give 110% to whatever I do. Over time I developed a relentlessness in pursuit of both my dreams and acknowledging gratitude. Each day begins with reflection and mindfulness around goals and purpose. I am blessed.”

The relentless spirit I always give to all aspects of being a waterman now extend to my passion for sharing aloha and inspiration in the capacity of speaking engagements. Unique to that mission is a practice of “Blue Life” journaling inspired by Sustainable Surf’s “Deep Blue Life” project. Look for my Blue Life Journal coming soon.

I look forward to connecting and scheduling a speaking engagement with your group.