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How often do you offer InZane SUPer Grom clinics?

When I have even a few days at home on Maui between travel one of my favorite things to do is spread the word that there will be a SUPer Grom Clinic. We set up all the equipment on the beach, prepare snacks and provide water in reusable bottles. The day is full of fun, water skills, beach cleanups and camaraderie with the next generation of ocean loving ECO stewards.

When I travel I do as many of these clinics as possible. If you see that I will be in your geographic location, be sure to CONTACT me so we can plan and prepare together. So often I meet kids who live near the beautiful ocean and might never have learned to swim or appreciate the beautiful playground right in their “back yard.” It’s awesome to see them connect with the Ocean and realize the fun in surfing.

Do you do any public speaking?

Engaging with people, sharing stories, life questions and inspiration is something I have been doing over the past five years or so. Take a look at my SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS page to learn more. Let’s create an event together.

How do you train for so many events with so much travel in your life?

My lifestyle (explained in great detail, including challenges, obstacles and routes to success in my book BENEATH THE SURFACE) helps me have the health, energy and focus I need.

I choose to eat a diet that is mainly vegetables. I bring my own food as often as possible.

In the morning I write down the goals for my day in my journal. At the end of the day I reflect on what was successful and what I might have done better. I envision and write down why and how I plan to reach my goals. This practice is one I have followed for over 15 years. I attribute it for keeping me on a vibrant and energetic path toward the life I cherish. That includes training to be my best – mentally, physically and emotionally. Much of this is what I share through my speaking engagements and even in some clinics.

What is your favorite place to surf or your favorite wave?

I always get that question and it is a tough one to answer. Often, my “best day on the water” is as much about the people I am with as it is the waves or a certain ride I may have gotten.

I remember one specially great day surfing with my sister, Shelby when she had one of the most awesome rides in her life.

Another amazing day of surfing took place at a spot that rarely breaks, one that my Dad and his friends discovered a generation before I was there.

Do you want to know more about this topic? Check out that question and many more in the STANDUP JOURNAL article available here. Or cruise through some of my past e-newsletters . You can look through the archive here.

How long will delivery take if I order books off this site?

We typically get our orders out the door in 3 days. Bulk orders and autographed books might take a day longer. How long it takes for you to receive your book depends on the shipping method. If you want a personalized message in the book (for a gift or just for yourself) let us know via CONTACT after you place your order.

What's one thing I should know about Zane that nobody ever asks?

The common questions lead to this answer: From my home beaches of Maui Hawaii to white water rapids in Idaho and monster waves in Tahiti, I have traveled the world, spreading my Aloha and my love of water sports of all kinds to people I meet.

I am passionate about giving back to the communities and to the people all over the world, making it my mission to host Clinic’s wherever I go. Teaching children and adults alike, I actually love nothing more than to help others have fun and enjoy the ocean through surfing and many other ocean activities.

And fulfilling my goals so that the result is a podium finish that honors what I have chosen to do and be so far in my life.

The uncommon answer has me “digging deep” and working through my personal philosophy of “believe and create.”

Looking forward to the next decade I know how important it will be for people to gain both awareness of the climate and plastic problem but to also see a way to personally “innovate and inspire” – to make a difference. I may not be able to do the global work of  groups like Sustainable Surf, Parley for the Oceans and such, but I know in my heart that I want to make a difference for my Hawaii home.

Respect for traditions and ritual, protection of sacred places and sustaining the connection from the mountain top (mauka) to the sea (makai). The inter-relation of all things is important and can be observed so easily by studying, loving, respecting and protecting a slice of the Earth from mountain to sea. I want to create a place, action and opportunity for many to participate in doing their part, in their own way, in their own home part of our island – and beyond.