APP World Tour – New York


From the iconic Hudson River race around the Statue of Liberty to a day of stormy Sprint Racing through a 3-4 foot swell in Long Beach, this event wrapped up with the APP World Tour’s surfing competition:  New York, you brought it all. Congratulations to Connor Baxter and Candice Appleby for their wins in the NY SUP Open. Enjoy a short highlights video here.

I had the great honor of competing in the finals of the surf competition with my good friend and Starboard SUP teammate, Sean Poynter. My girlfriend, Kim, as always was sending me plenty of positive energy and stoke while waving the Hawaiian flag. The beach was loaded with spectators anticipating the outcome.

It was an incredible Final Heat of the New York SUP Open.  Sean and I worked very wave to get the best possible score – trying for long rides, lots of maneuvers and wave selection. It was crucial to find opportunities to accelerate speed down the line, to execute multiple high performance maneuvers on each wave and use power as well as clean paddle technique. From the moment Sean and I took our initial paddle battle to get on that first wave to the final moment when we surfed into shore together, we celebrated each other and our sport.

Thanks to APP World Tour for a World Class Professional Sporting Event. As the heat ended with Sean on top, I was grateful to have worked my way through the heats in order to be in the final. We celebrated each other surfing in to the beach together in the spirit and camaraderie that makes our sport so great.