Wave Lessons

Many of my most memorable and successful moments in both surfing and in business have came from learning to adapt or recover from a mistake. —-

Do you think I was able to recover from this one?

Comment what you think about this one and if you’d like leave a comment about a time you adapted or recovered 110% after a mistake… We all make mistakes, what are we going to do to make it right?…. Study the image below before reading further. What’s your guess?

After nearly taking a spill from a pearl or nose dive (image above. Photo Credit: Dooma Photos) I had short moment to adjust my back foot further back onto the tail and plant my hands in the wave to release pressure off the nose. After this recovery I lost just enough speed to the point where this adjustment and near fall actually set me up for a deeper barrel and more exciting ride than I would have had without pushing through this mistake. How often do we recognize the mistakes and challenges that lead to success and progress we had not expected?