It’s always been my passion to solve problems and meet challenges with a sense of Kuleana. I am blessed to be connected to a full and purposeful life from a few very clear and simple themes: Innovate and Inspire, an Attitude of gratitude and the thought that “Every Step Matters.” I would love to share my personal journals and stories that reflect the adventure of living a “Deep Blue Life.”

There is a huge and pressing problem that impacts us all and that is the plight of our home, our environment. The Earth (honua) is struggling: from the ocean (moana), to the water (ka wai), the air (ea) and the land (aina).

In each of the “Aloha” programs I share in schools and as an important part of my InZane SUPer Grom clinics are activities that help the keiki become aware of what they can do for the environment and become engaged in making a difference.

My daily practice of writing in my journal for a short time each morning and night has been my “road map” to creating the life I have. I want to share that practice with millions of you. The time is right! I will be releasing my Blue Life Journal in a version for adults and one for kids age 8-12 in late Summer 2018. Learn more about that and join our community here.

It seems that the simple actions can bring the most awareness. One simple idea is the “Pocket of Plastic.” Simply seeing plastic while out in nature, picking it up and disposing of it properly. Hopefully this will lead to the idea of using alternative materials and avoiding single use plastics. It is simple, but true: “Every step matters.”

Watch #PocketOfPlastic Video Here